Sunday, December 13, 2015

Ten Facts About YOUNG PIFFIII Will The Connecticut Musician Make The 2016 XXL Freshman Cover

Connecticut Musician YOUNG PIFFIII Has Been All Across Genres, Mainly Hip - Hop, Rnb, As He Continues To Progress In His Career, We've Put Together A Article With 10 Facts About The Musician, As A Dedication To His 7 Yr Extent. He Will Be Entering His Eighth Going Into 2016. Checkout Ten Facts About YP Below. 

1. Going Into His Eighth Year YOUNG PIFFIII Has Done Over 100 Songs Already In His Career.

2. YOUNG PIFFIII Is An Independent Musician, Who Has Gotten To Where He Is Now, Without Any Help Except From His Fans.

3. Being A Musician From Connecticut, It's Very Rare That U Enter The Spotlight. But YOUNG PIFFIII Has Seemed To Find His Way.

4. YOUNG PIFFIII Has Put Out At Least Four CDs A Year. 

5. YP Has At Least 3 Songs With At Least 4K To 5k Plus Plays Without Any Mainstream Involvement Or Any Promotional Help What So Ever.

6. YOUNG PIFFIII Is A Professional Licensed Writer Who Writes All His Music.

7. Has Done At Least Three Big Time Venues In His Home State.

8. He Has 200,000 + Views On His Google Plus Musicians Page Without Purchasing Any What So Ever. Truly A Humbling  Feeling Indeed As He Would Say.

9. Has Not Worked With Any Big Named Artists.

10. A Consistent Artist 9/10 YOUNG PIFFIII Has Put Out Music Every Month.

So There U Have It, Ten Facts About YOUNG PIFFIII. YOUNG PIFFIII Also Has A New EP Coming Out Dec 25th With Harry Fraud. This Will Be His Third EP In 2 Yrs. 

Tune Into And For Exclusive Downloads On This Project. Project Scheduled To Be Released Dec 25th 2015


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