Monday, October 5, 2015

5 Things U Need To Know About YOUNG PIFFIII X HARRY FRAUD - In Season Waves EP

UPDATE Has Gone Platinum + Diamond! With 61 Million Being The Low! Statistics Show Even More! [Updated]

1. Heavy Production From Harry Fraud, As He Brings New Mixures & Sounds To The Table That U Havent Heard Before .

2. YOUNG PIFFIII Brings To The Table, A Vintage Stable As He Delivers, Vintage Rhymes & Hooks That Your Usually Use To Hearing From Him. He Sticks To What He Knows Bringing U Quality Rhymes And Nice Sound.

3. This Project Will Be A Connecticut And New York City Collaboration. Which Will Be The First In History Between Artist & Producer, Looking Forward To It.

4. Quality Control: This Project Will Be Recorded With A Type Of High Expansion Vortex Sound. Bringing To The Table Light Energy, Energy That U Never Heard Or Felt Before On This Planet. Most Importantly Positive Energy That Will Help Put U At Ease

5. Dec 25th  Marks The Day That These Two Artistic Creators Put Out A Project, That Has Yet To Happen On The East Coast, Leaving Nothing But Room For History. The Two Has Worked In The Past, But Nothing As Explosive As Whats Coming On Dec 25th

Tune Into And For Exclusive Downloads On This Project. Project Schedules To Be Released On Dec 25th #XMAS


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