Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Things That U Might Not Know! 2015 Conclusion: #InSeasonWavesEP #Album

Facts: Did U Know That The Recently Xmas Scheduled Released Project (In Season Waves EP) Has Now Reached Its Peak Creating A Milestone By Reaching 4 Million Plays/Streams With 2 Million Downloads On One Digital Site (Alone) Hulkshare.com And 16 Million Plays, Just In 1 Month On The More Prolific Critically Acclaimed Soundcloud.com If U Havent Heard It Yet Here's A Few Places Where U Can Stream Or Download The Project For Free. To Stream bit.ly/TheOfficialWebsiteOfYOUNGPIFFIII Or To Download The Popular Project http://bit.ly/1kcVgow

Friday, February 5, 2016

Music Catalog: Download The Full Music Catalog From YOUNG PIFFIII Included With MP3's High Definition Album Covers Albums Sound Enhancement + More

Monday Dec 21st, 2015

YOUNG PIFFIII - In Season Waves EP Produced By Harry Fraud To Stream Or Download From A CPU Or Mobile Device Click Here: http://bit.ly/1kcVgow Or Here http://bit.ly/1PoLeKm

Thursday Sep 1st, 2015

HD YOUNG PIFFIII - Long Live The Real Executive Produced By Cardo To Stream Or Download From A CPU Or Mobile Device Click Here: http://bit.ly/1Vtytmu Or Here http://bit.ly/1PoLeKm 

March 17, 2015/Sep 1st, 2015

YOUNG PIFFIII - Expect The Unexpected 2 With Production From Metro Boomin Sonny Digital The Renegades + More/ See U Soon EP To Stream Or Download From A CPU Or Mobile Device Click Here: http://bit.ly/1PBv6dz Or Here http://bit.ly/1PoLeKm 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

What To Expect From YOUNG PIFFIII In 2016? Will This Be His Last Album? Is He Contemplating Retirement? [Read Inside]

As We Head Toward The 1st Quarter Of 2016 There's Kinda Been A Dead Feel, For The Music Fans Of YOUNG PIFFIII Lately. Either That, Or We Just Completely Missed His Presence In The Music Game! Well We Can All Sit Back & Relax Now, Since The Connecticut Musician Previously Released His Newest Project Titled #InSeasonWavesEP Produced By Harry Fraud! 2015 Has Been A Good Year For The Musician As He Released 4 Projects In 1 Year 2 ( EP's) 2 (Mixtapes) Lets Take A Look Back At Some Of Those Projects. In 2015 YP Released #ExpectTheUnexpected2 #SeeUSoonEP #LongLiveTheReal And Now The Newest/The Highly Anticipated "In Season Waves EP" 2015 Was His Year So Far! What Should We Expect From The Musician In 2016? Will This Be His Last Album? Will He Make XXL Freshman Cover? Is He Gonna Retire? Well Have To Wait To Find Out! YOUNG PIFFIII Has Just Released His New Album Dec 25 2015! Is This The Project That We All Been Waiting For Checkout Stream, Or Download The Project For Free Here: http://bit.ly/TheOfficialWebsiteOfYOUNGPIFFIII